Jamulus as a service

Private dedicated cloud based servers.  Get the best possible performance from your Jamulus experience.

Jam with your band members online

We host your own private Jamulus server for you so that you can book a session at any time and start online jamming.

1-hour bookings are completely FREE so you use them to test and optimise your setup!.

You want to jam online? Tried other solutions but there’s always too much delay?

Jamulus is an online solution that fixes that. The problem is, that in order to get the best experience, you need to host and maintain your own private Jamulus server in the cloud. We take care of that for you.

  • Book your time as you would a rehearsal space
  • Forward your booking to bandmates
  • Install and setup Jamulus
  • Connect to your server
  • Enjoy uninterrupted low latency jamming!


We’re proud to be powered by Jamulus, the Open Source software that enables musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over the internet.

We Take Latency Seriously

Global Datacenters

Powerful cloud-based Jamulus servers as close as possible to your musicians can make or break the online music collaboration experience.

No Tech Skills Required

Book your practice session (1-hour sessions are completely free!). We’ll email you complete setup instructions that you can forward to your band mates.

Regular users are given access to a self-serve web-portal where you can start your server whenever you like, and manage recording.

Duos To Orchestras

We’ve developed custom tooling that allows us to deliver proven Jamulus solutions at scale, allowing everything from duos to 50+ piece Orchestras to rehearse, jam and even record in the cloud.



Record your session to completely isolated multitrack stems.

Delivered with a Reaper project for instant offline mixing, or export to any application of your choice.


Your server means yours!  NO interruptions or impromptu visitors.

Invite band mates using an easy to remember web address, no complicated IP addresses that changes between sessions.

Virtual Rooms

Create multiple virtual rooms on a single server to facilitate  backstage areas for live broadcasts, class rooms for educational purposes
or split your choirs into sections. Find our more about virtual rooms.