How Our Jamulus Server Addresses Work

Where Is My Server Address? Once you’ve booked a jam session you’ll receive a booking confirmation email, following this will be a separate email containing your unique server URL. How Do I Connect Using My Private Server Address? Open Jamulus

Melomax Jamulus Recording Manager

One of Jamulus’ most powerful features is the ability to record multitrack audio of all the participants connected to the server. Before understanding why we built the Melomax Jamulus recording manager, it’s important to understand how recording with Jamulus works.

Why Do I Have To Book?

We often get asked, ‘Why do I have to make a booking to try Melomax? I want to try it right now!’. The answer is both simple and complex, but in essence, boils down to a few key factors.  

Melomax Control Room – Private Jamulus Serve...

What Is The Control Room? The control room is a secure self-serve portal that allows you to log in and start or stop your servers (yup, you can have more than one!) with a click of a button. You can