The team here at Melomax are pleased to announce the expansion of our global network of Data centres – bringing our network worldwide to an incredible 45 different data centres around the world in under a year.


While it might sound like a fairly mundane thing, the undertaking is actually fairly substantial – ensuring that our platform and cloud services are running at optimal performance – and thus ensuring a high-quality experience for our users, wherever in the world they are located.


When you are dealing in live streaming services, it’s crucial that our customers are able to access a local data centre and one ideally equally located between users. The key to achieving this has been the tireless work of our development team who have been hard at work integrating with new facilities all over Europe and North America as well as growing our footprint across Asia as well.


The full list of data centres is listed below for reference but we are adding new facilities to our network all the time so if you don’t see your city on our list just yet – don’t panic!


For now though – seeing truly is believing, so contact us today and book a free one hour jam session for yourself and your bandmates or choir and see for yourself how we can keep you connected and collaborating online!


Until next time


Melomax Support

Melomax Jamulus Data Centres (© Google Maps)

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