1. In the Jamulus client, under settings, tick ‘Enable Small Network Buffer’upload-2a7d017968617e7968cc78e1edb008b6.
  2. At the bottom of the ‘misc’ panel, observe the ‘Ping’ and ‘Overall Delay’ times.upload-7f4831f7efd44cf041d058237a1a0a6f.
  3. In ideal conditions we are looking for a ping of less than 40 and an overall delay of under 40ms – HOWEVER! These are only a guide, and you should physically test your latency using the steps below before taking further measures.
  4. Plug your microphone or instrument directly into your audio interface.
  5. Set the input gain as you normally would.
  6. IMPORTANT, make sure that any form of direct monitoring is switched off – at this point you should see metering on your interface, but not be hearing anything!
  7. Next, close the settings tabs in Jamulus, and then click ‘Connect’
  8. In the ‘Server Name/Address’ field enter this: <<SERVER IP HERE>>, and click connect.
  9. Carefully begin to raise the volume control of your daw, while playing you instrument or singing. It’s highly advisable to do this while wearing headphone if you are using a microphone to mitigate feedback.
  10. What you are hearing back should give you a good impression of the latency/lag that your system is producing, if the above instructions have been followed you should find this negligible.