How do I minimise latency?

In the Jamulus client, under settings, tick ‘Enable Small Network Buffer’ At the bottom of the ‘misc’ panel, observe the ‘Ping’ and ‘Overall Delay’ times. In ideal conditions we are looking for a ping of less than 40 and an

Is this secure?

When you purchase time on our system, a server is created from scratch that is unique to you. The servers have a single purpose; to run the Jamulus server client. All other ports and services are either disabled or removed

Can I jam on demand?

Once you’ve tested the service using booked slots you can request (or maybe offered) access to our on-demand product control room.

Why do I have to book?

Quality compute resource is a finite resource, you can read more about why people need to book here. If you’ve been using our service for a while, you may be eligible for on-demand access to a Jamulus server via the

Is this really free?

1 hour bookings are 100% FREE. If you are an educator or believe in some other way you should get a discount let us know via the site chat and we can discuss concessions.

Where are your servers located?

You can view all available datacenter locations here. Can’t see a location that meets your needs? Drop us a message and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I get started?

Head to the booking page, and choose a day/time that meets yours needs.