Virtual Jamulus Breakout Rooms

Virtual rooms provide a means of separating or segregating your members into smaller groups on a single server.

If you don’t need or want to do this; just keep using your server as you always have, nothing has changed.

If you do, please follow the steps below, ensuring connection instructions are passed on to your members.

Creating Your Virtual Jamulus Rooms

The creation and deletion of virtual rooms is managed completely from within the control room.

Step 1

Click the ‘Manage Rooms’ button on the server you wish to create rooms with to open the room manager.

Step 2

In the room manager window click ‘Create Room’.

Step 3

In the resulting popup enter your room name and connection limit. Click ‘Save’. The connection limit is the maximum number of clients permitted to join a room. Leaving this blank will create a default limit of 150.

Any rooms created will be recreated for you between jam sessions. If you wish the server to start with no rooms, simply delete them before powering down.

TIP: Jamulus has a room name character limit of 19.

About Connection Limits

Regardless of the size of your server Melomax enforce no limit on the number of connections your server can handle.  

However the CPU allocation of your server will cause increased delay and jitter if you exceed its limits.

Jamulus has a ‘soft’ limit of 150, which is why we reflect this in the room manager. If you have concerns about your servers capacity, get in touch

Deleting Your Virtual Jamulus Rooms

Step 1

Click the ‘Manage Rooms’ button on the server you wish to create rooms with to open the room manager.

Step 2

Select the room, or rooms you wish to delete, and then click delete. You’ll be asked to confirm your decision.

TIP: Deleting a room will disconnect all users connected to it. This action cannot be undone.

Connecting To Your Virtual Jamulus Rooms

Connecting to your virtual rooms is done completely within the Jamulus desktop client.

These instructions are available as downloadable pdf which you can forward to group members.

Step 1

Open the Jamulus desktop client and click ‘Settings’.

Step 2

Enter your server’s URL or IP address in the ‘Custom Central Server Address’ Field.

Step 3

Navigate back to the main Jamulus mixer screen, and click ‘Connect’.

Step 4

In the connection pop up, select ‘List’ and choose ‘Custom’ from the drop down.

Your rooms should now appear in the list.

Select the room you with to join and click connect.

TIP: The ‘Main Room’ is a system generated room that represents the central server. This room cannot be edited or deleted.