We are excited to let you know about a recent update to the technology that powers Melomax virtual rehearsal studios.

Melomax is built on the Jamulus platform which is free open-source software, first released by Volker Fischer. This software is what allows our users to dial into the Melomax servers from their laptops/computers. The application was first released in 2006 and has been updated a number of times in the years since. This update is of particular interest as it’s the first release of Jamulus since the project founder Volker stepped away from the project. An experienced team of core engineers now work to maintain and improve the product, leading us to this release, Jamulus version 3.7.0.

The new release packs in a number of improvements for users, including improved language support for our international clients and a number of key improvements in the user interface to make using the Jamulus software even easier.

We have taken the time to test this new version of Jamulus with our network of 57 data centres (at time of writing) and are happy to announce that we are now rolling this release out to all of our users immediately so you can all take advantage of the updates in this new version. You can download the latest version here.

More info…

For any die-hard Jamulus users or techies looking to find out more information, you can find the full release notes for the update over on Github now (click here to view). If you’d like to ask any questions about the update or experience any issues then please reach out to us at any time. Huge thanks to the dedicated team of developers who have contributed to this release!

Stay safe and happy jamming,
Team Melomax

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