What Is The Control Room?

The control room is a secure self-serve portal that allows you to log in and start or stop your servers (yup, you can have more than one!) with a click of a button.

You can also choose to record enable your server, which grants you access, at no extra cost, to our recording management interface. As well as create virtual rooms, using the virtual rooms manager.

What Does It Cost?

The control room requires no contract and has no recurring fees. You simply pre-pay for your time and any time left at the end of your session will be there for the next time you want to use it.

Hourly costs are similar to booked appointments, but with the option to prepay for larger amounts of time, bringing the overall costs down. Unlike booking, the control room offers no free time due to it’s on-demand nature.

1 hour = £3
2 hours = £5 = £2.50/hour
3 hours = £7 = £2.35/hour
5 hours = £11 = £2.20/hour
10 hours = £20 = £2.00/hour
20 hours = £30 = £1.50/hour

With the control room, when you turn the server off, any remaining time is left on your account for future use. For example, if you add 2 hours to your server, jam for one hour and turn it off, you’ll still have an hour that you can come back and use at any time!

What Are The Benefits?

Unlike bookings, control room users aren’t constrained by the prebooked length of a session. When you start your server, your pre-paid time begins to count down, and when you stop it so does the clock, meaning you can come back any time you like to continue jamming. You’ll also get access to priority support, as well as the Recording manager and Virtual Room manager.

In addition to this, the control room supports multiple servers, at multiple locations and cloud providers; if your session is being affected by ‘internet weather’, or an outage at a data centre, you can switch to another server at another provider in seconds.

Priority Specialist Support

Existing cloud providers aren’t going to help you optimise your Jamulus experience. They provide compute resource generically and expect you to help your self when it comes down to how you use it. Melomax lives and breathes Jamulus and we are here to optimise your experience as far as possible.

Cheaper Per Hour Jam Time

Control room users are able to purchase larger blocks of time, significantly reducing the per hour jam costs, especially when compared to a brick and mortar rehearsal space!

Multi-Server & Virtual Room Management

Need to segregate your users into virtual rooms, or run multiple Jamulus servers for any other reason? We’ve got you covered with the control room.

Disaster Aversion

We have the capacity to migrate control servers between cloud providers at the drop of a hat. Remember Googles huge outage at the end of 2020?

We were able to migrate all our customers to an equivalent provider with near 0 downtime.

Recording Manager

When you log in to the control room and switch your server on, you can then choose to record enable the session. You then continue collaborating with your group and the recording manager keeps the tape rolling for you. You can stop after each song to make managing your files easier and even rename them, all using the recording manager. When your session is finished you can very simply select the files you want, then download in a single click. We provide you with a single zip file ready to be post-produced and mixed in your favourite audio editing suite. Find out more about the recording manager.

Virtual Rooms Manager

All Melomax servers within control room can be used to create virtual ‘rooms’. Find out more about the virtual room manager.

How To Access Control Room

Once you have used booked sessions to experiment with our service in various locations we can transition you to the Melomax Control room.

If you’ve run a few pre-booked sessions with us, and would like to transition to the control room, let us know.

Control Room FAQ

Can I Schedule My Server?

Servers currently have to be started & stopped manually.

However, we are giving strong consideration to providing scheduling features.

How Long Does It Take To Start A Server

60-90 Seconds

Can I Keep My Server Address?

Absolutely, you also have the option to customise it

Request Control Room

Please use the form below to submit your interest in the control room. A member of the team will come back to you within a 24 hours.

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