For Choirs, Vocal Ensembles & Orchestras

Germany’s contribution to world music throughout history cannot be overstated. From Bach to Brahms and Wagner to Zimmer, and producing great singers such as Martha Mödl, Jonas Kaufmann, and with groups like Frankfurter Kantorei, Berlin State and Cathedral Choir, Rundfunkchor Berlin, Comedian Harmonists… the list goes on and on. It is hard to find a village or town that doesn’t have a choir, quartet or chorus known only to locals.

COVID-19 caused all of this passionate collaboration and creativity to come to a grinding halt as singers and musicians were kept apart, unable to meet to do what they love most. Technology has since risen to meet the challenge head on and today, serves many happy customers in group sizes from small to very large. Groups previously unable to meet are now regularly relying on our services to rehearse, perform and record all in glorious low delay. At a fraction of the cost of a physical space, group members are now beginning to realise the many other benefits of using Jamulus to collaborate from home too. Less travel CO2, time saved, more convenience, and more focus are just some of the reasons they have decided that this way of working will continue long after the pandemic ends.