From the rehearsal rooms of Rotterdam to packed out nights at the Paradiso, The Netherlands have consistently provided a fantastic venue for touring musicians and local artists to share their creativity with the world. With social distancing and lockdown preventing Dutch musicians from being able to tour or even rehearse or record with their collaborators, musicians from Amsterdam to Eindhoven are relying on Melomax to keep them connected and creative!
By utilising the flexible features of our Virtual Studio space, bands and groups of musicians are able to dial in remotely and practise online with their bandmates in real time – wherever they are with minimal latency – up to a range of 1000 miles. All of these features are unlocked for a fraction of the cost of a traditional rehearsal space and if that wasn’t enough – the system is stacked with impressive features like localised mixes for musicians and the ability to export multi-track recordings. Melomax is a complete collaborative solution for musicians of all abilities looking to connect and collaborate online – all without leaving the house!