Jamulus Virtual Rooms Demo
Melomax Jamulus Virtual Rooms

We are delighted to announce a brand new feature, coming soon, and available NOW (for FREE!) to our control room users; Virtual Jamulus Rooms. The virtual room feature facilitates: Backstage areas for live broadcasts Classrooms for educational purposes Sectionals for

Just Released: Jamulus 3.7.0

We are excited to let you know about a recent update to the technology that powers Melomax virtual rehearsal studios. Melomax is built on the Jamulus platform which is free open-source software, first released by Volker Fischer. This software is

Melomax Jamulus Recording Manager

One of Jamulus’ most powerful features is the ability to record multitrack audio of all the participants connected to the server. Before understanding why we built the Melomax Jamulus recording manager, it’s important to understand how recording with Jamulus works.