Virtual Rooms with Jasmulus
How To: Virtual Jamulus Breakout Rooms

Virtual Jamulus Breakout Rooms Virtual rooms provide a means of separating or segregating your members into smaller groups on a single server. If you don’t need or want to do this; just keep using your server as you always have, powered by Melomax is a fantastic community choir for the digital age, powered by Melomax Live Jamulus Servers. If you want to sing online, check out their song circle, details below! Want to sing together online and see and hear every word

Just Released: Jamulus 3.7.0

We are excited to let you know about a recent update to the technology that powers Melomax virtual rehearsal studios. Melomax is built on the Jamulus platform which is free open-source software, first released by Volker Fischer. This software is

How Our Jamulus Server Addresses Work

Where Is My Server Address? Once you’ve booked a jam session you’ll receive a booking confirmation email, following this will be a separate email containing your unique server URL. How Do I Connect Using My Private Server Address? Open Jamulus

Why Do I Have To Book?

We often get asked, ‘Why do I have to make a booking to try Melomax? I want to try it right now!’. The answer is both simple and complex, but in essence, boils down to a few key factors.  

Lockdown Got You Down? We Can Help!

The last 12 months have been tough for musicians… Exempt from Government support in lots of cases, without the opportunity to play live and in some cases without the opportunity to even meet up in person it’s been a tough

Data Centre Expansion 2021

The team here at Melomax are pleased to announce the expansion of our global network of Data centres – bringing our network worldwide to an incredible 45 different data centres around the world in under a year.   While it