What Is Jamulus?

Jamulus is software that enables musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over the internet.

There are 2 halves to the Jamulus software.  You install one on your computer, and the other is run on a server.

You can run your own Jamulus server by following these instructions, watching the video below, or by booking time on a Melomax Live Server.


Why Use Melomax?

There are a few things crucial to a Jamulus set up in order to optimise the experience for all band members:

  • Having a server that is as geographically close to everyone as possible
  • Enabling ‘fast update’ in the servers configuration
  • Using a server that’s as uncrowded as possible – a dedicated or private server is best for this
  • Top tiered IP address allocation

Whilst you can take advantage of what Jamulus offers by doing everything yourself, setup of the server requires that you have a pretty firm technical grasp of installing and ‘tuning’ applications.  Even if you are comfortable with this, your geographical location may hinder a stable, low latency and jitter-free audio experience.

Melomax’s system allows you to book a dedicated server, optimised for Jamulus with 0 technical requirements.

We’ll even email you Jamulus setup Instructions which you can share with your entire band.eee