What Is Jamulus?


Jamulus is software that enables musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over the internet.

There are 2 halves to the Jamulus software.  You install one on your computer, and the other is run on a server.

You can run your own Jamulus server by following these instructions, watching the video below, or by booking time on a Melomax Live Server.

Why Use Melomax?


There are a few things crucial to a Jamulus set up in order to optimise the experience for all band members:

  • Having a server that is as geographically close to everyone as possible
  • Enabling ‘fast update’ in the servers configuration
  • Using a server that’s as uncrowded as possible – a dedicated or private server is best for this
  • Top tiered IP address allocation

Whilst you can take advantage of what Jamulus offers by doing everything yourself, setup of the server requires that you have a pretty firm technical grasp of installing and ‘tuning’ applications.  Even if you are comfortable with this, your geographical location may hinder a stable, low latency and jitter-free audio experience.

Melomax’s system allows you to book a dedicated server, optimised for Jamulus with 0 technical requirements.

We’ll even email you Jamulus setup Instructions which you can share with your entire band.


Simplify Using Jamulus

If you just want to get up and running with Jamulus in the fastest way possible, with minimal effort, you should give us a try – especially as it’s FREE!

Get Help From A Human

Having issues with your Jamulus setup? Book in for a setup consultation with real life human, and we’ll do everything possible to get you up and running.